Upgrade From Sand

Outdated and Wasteful

Those are two words you probably wouldn’t want associated with your operations. So why make the costly mistake of installing a high rate sand filtration system?

You’ve heard that sand filtration is a cheaper capital expense and that it’s “the way we’ve always done it.” Now, thanks to the newest patented technology from AquaRevival, the benefits of regenerative media filtration are within reach, providing you long-term operational savings while producing the cleanest, purest water.

Realizing Long-Term Savings

It’s hard to ignore the waste produced from regularly backwashing a sand filter. The cost of water, chemicals, heat, and electricity being pumped to the sewer can add up quickly in a matter of months. With AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filters, you will save tens of thousands of dollars through the innovative revival process that eliminates backwashing.

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Comparing Upfront Capital Costs

At first glance, one line on a contractor’s budget sheet can make it seem like a quick decision to pick sand filtration. But when you look at the smaller footprint of installing a regenerative media filter within your equipment room, you’ll instantly start to calculate cost savings before installation has even started. And with industry-leading capacity—from 50 GPM through 6,600 GPM—AquaRevival provides its efficient filtration inside the most affordable and compact unit on the market.

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Backwashed Sand Pump Room CAPEX COST


1,500 ft² Pump Room

Multiple Backwashed Sand Filters

Interconnected Feed/Backwash Piping

Typical High Cost of Utilizing Backwashed Sand Filters


AquaRevival Regen Pump Room CAPEX COST


500 ft² Pump Room

Single AquaRevival RegenFilter

Automated Regen Media Piping Loop

Lower Overall Total CapEx Utilizing AquaRevival Regen Filters

Making Installation Easier Than Ever

Though installing a sand filter has been ‘the norm’ for decades, AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filters are making it even easier for customers to reap the benefits of this filtration process. Starting with the design process, AquaRevival offers architects and aquatic consultants with advanced 3D Revit models that fit any architectural plans, as well as allow them to customize the unit’s configurations to fit the parameters of the mechanical space. Our filters are shipped vertically, with no need to tip them over; all standard units are built to fit through an 80” high door opening upright. And installers will experience comprehensive product support and training through AquaRevival’s customer service program.

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Comparing Sand Filtration to AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filtration

  Backwashed Sand Filtration AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filtration
Water Quality
Removes particles down to 20-30 microns. Cryptosporidium oocysts average 5 microns.
Removes particles down to 1 micron — AND produces drinking-water quality with NSF 50 & 61 certification.
Wasted Water
Routinely backwashed — dumping heated, treated water to sewer.
Automatically revives media through proprietary process without backwashing.
Energy Usage
Higher average head pressure demands more overall energy.
Lowest head loss in the industry translates to significant energy savings.
System Footprint
Requires large, oversized tanks and — in some cases — a backwash holding tank.
Smallest footprint per filter area, as little as 1/20 the size.