Aqua Revival The Nike® of Water Filtration

We design water filtration equipment, control systems, and other related equipment and systems, and we have it built for us to our exacting standards, just like the good folks at Nike® .

The difference here is that we source 100% of our product in the United States of America from certified ASME code shops that only build high-purity stainless steel food and pharmaceutical equipment. Our products are NSF50 & NSF/UL1081 approved for your safety and assurance that they will filter your water like we say they will, will clean like we say they will, and will last longer than any filter on the market.

Our founder was the Sr. VP of Operations for Neptune Benson for several years before NB was sold to their current owner. In fact, all of the current patents on the Defender product line, and other product patents assigned to Neptune Benson were invented and written by Mr. Nehlen. That tradition carries on with the multiple patent pending AquaRevival product line.

If it weren't for customers who appreciated Mr. Nehlen's hands-on approach, those who worked with him on problems side-by-side in pump rooms, and who called to ask and encourage him to get back into the filter business, Aqua Revival would not exist today.

You ought to feel like a big customer even if you aren't one. And, you certainly aren't going to be a big customer to a BILLION DOLLAR a year corporation. With Aqua Revival, you will be treated like a valuable partner, not just a number on a spreadsheet.

Our filters are built to last longer than the building into which you will put them.

Our warranty won't leave you on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars per year in maintenance costs.

Our engineering is already in your pump room with our older Neptune Benson designs.

Let's get you upgraded today!

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