Agricultural Industry

When you use AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filtration System in your growing operations, you are adding an advanced layer of filtration to your irrigation process like never before, protecting your sprinkler heads and recapturing water runoff. And with the ongoing cost-savings that come from this filtration technology, your operations will reap the benefits for decades.

Consider the challenges of your farming processes that come along with old filtration technology:

  • Filtering water using a backwashing system dumps thousands of gallons of water - along with expensive nutrients - down the drain.
  • Inefficient filtration isn't enough to catch small dirt particles that pass through your system - clogging your sprinkler nozzles and creating maintenance headaches.
  • Contaminants like spores, algae, mold, and cryptosporidium can get through traditional filters, requiring other chemicals to correct.

By inserting an AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filter into this recirculation process, you’re getting a higher quality of water throughout your irrigation cycle while preserving your nutrient solution's viability for as long as possible:

Every type of agricultural production facility can benefit from closed-loop water recycling that uses the cleanest irrigation water on the market.

  • Indoor greenhouses
  • Vertical farms
  • Traditional outdoor farm operations
  • Aeroponics / Aquaponics
  • Non-GMO / Organic / Pesticide-free
  • Growing operations in water-restricted, urban areas

From automation to vertical operations, your innovative farming production is more efficient in almost every way. Shouldn't your water filtration be modernized as well?

Learn how AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filter is the right solution for your Agricultural Production.

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