Advanced Filtration at the Highest Standard

Delivering drinking-water quality coupled with cost-saving sustainability.

No other type of technology on the market meets the strict guidelines of NSF 50 & 61 certification, while providing the efficiency of regenerative media water filtration.

Rendering of an AquaRevival BSG 60 regenerative filter

Why are people still using sand filtration?

Routinely wasted water through backwashing.
Oversized tanks in a limited mechanical room space.
And barely passable results.

It’s time to stop wasting money, water, and energy with antiquated sand filters.

Upgrade From Sand


With beginnings in the aquatics industry, AquaRevival's advanced technology demonstrated its superior performance to meet the standards of various other markets.


Filtration Systems

AquaRevival’s family of 12 filtration system models all offer leading energy savings—from 50 GPM through 6,600 GPM.

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Automated Controllers

Installed standard on AquaRevival units, our intuitive touch-screen automated controllers are also available as upgrades and retrofits for all types of commercial regenerative media filters.

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VFD Programming

This is a several thousand dollar savings over calling in a VFD technician, and further demonstrates why AquaRevival is the leader in delivering value.

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