Food and Beverage Industry

When you use AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filtration System in your F&B operations, you are adding an advanced layer of filtration to your manufacturing and bottling process like never before. And with the ongoing cost-savings that come from this filtration technology, your operations will reap the benefits for decades.

Consider the challenges of your bottling process that come along with old filtration technology:

  • Incoming water supply is passed through an inefficient sand filter—only removing particles down to 20 microns.
  • If not sand beds, bag or cartridge filtration are also an inefficient means to protect carbon beds used to remove chlorine. Therefore, our regenerative technology will reduce backwash and steam requirements on your carbon beds.
  • Your overburdened membrane filtration system is responsible for catching the remainder—leading to frequent and costly maintenance of the membrane AND wasteful backwashing of the sand filter.

By inserting an AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filter into this process, you’re getting a higher quality of water almost at the source: NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified for drinking water AND particles removed down to 1 micron.

Any company in the Food & Beverage processing industry can benefit from this advanced filtration technology, which offers significant cost-savings with certified results:

  • Co-packers
  • Manufacturers
  • Processing Plants
  • Bottling Productions
  • Beer
  • Wine

Learn how AquaRevival’s Regenerative Media Filter is the right solution for your F&B Production.

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