Free* Danfoss Aqua Drive VFD Programming

When you purchase a Danfoss Aqua Drive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) from AquaRevival to go with your new award-winning Regenerative Media Filter, we will program the VFD to run either in a) open loop mode or b) close loop PID mode, for free. This is a several thousand dollar savings over calling in a VFD technician, and further demonstrates why AquaRevival is the leader in delivering value.

Other VFD brands will be programmed on a time-and-material basis.

* when the Danfoss Aqua Drive VFD is purchased with an AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filter or with a Standalone Automated Controller for competitive filter control upgrades.

Touch-Screen Interface

Parameters in the AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filter Controller complement those we will program for you in the Danfoss Aqua Drive VFD. This programming will: start and stop the system; suspend the chemical controller during the Revival (pre-coat) cycle; fine-tune automated valve timing to be customized to your unique piping configuration; enable flow rate readout on the AquaRevival screen (with installed, optional flow meter); and, cool down your heaters and/or UV lamps with programmable fireman's relay.

Seamless Integration

AquaRevival's Regenerative Media Filter Controller choreographs the show. The Danfoss Aqua Drive VFD ensures the pump motor is running to meet demand while conserving energy every hour of every day.

Rather than setting your VFD at a fixed set point (the dashed grey line at 95%) you will save money running as shown with the solid grey line. This results in a constant flow rate while helping to conserve energy (represented by the dollar signs between the dashed and solid grey line). Let our decades of experience in sustainable operations go to work for you.

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