Automated Controllers

While our advanced Automated Controllers come standard on every AquaRevival Regenerative Media Filter, we also provide these as standalone products, giving customers the very best in worry-free maintenance.

Our automated controllers use easy-to-read instructions and clear color indicator screens to you can quickly assess the health of your system.

Touch-Screen Interface

The panel’s 7-inch screen features an industrial version of the same touch screen technology on your smartphone, built for harsh environments.

Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

The dialogue screens make it easy to follow the directions for everyday monitoring, and running filter cycles. Each filter’s maintenance screens may be customized to the individual installation on-site.

UL 508A and CSA C22.2 Approved

100% tested for your safety and long term use in harsh environments.

Seamless Integration

AquaRevival’s controller is designed to integrate with your building control systems and associated equipment for robust system integrity.

For advanced operation, customer field connections are provided inside the control enclosure to provide for suspending aquatic facility’s heaters, chemical feeders, and more whilst the filter is regenerating. The AquaRevival Automated Controller utilizes 24v control voltage outside of the enclosure and solenoids for control of compressed air driving automated valve actuators.

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