AquaRevival v Defender Model Family 041019

Smallest Footprint & Lowest Height

When floorspace is at a premium, AquaRevival® regenerative media filtration systems can't be beat. Built to last. Built to give you peace of mind. Standard units built to fit through an 80 inch high door opening without tipping it on the side. Patented features that move the performance curve in your favor.


Broadest Range Of Filtration

We offer twelve models that run at full rated flow. All connections are stainless steel Van Stone flanges, so there's no paint in the threads to give you problems, and we reduce your cost of piping to the filter by incorporating the Van Stone connection on the filter side. You may install an elbow directly on the influent nozzle in tight locations with no loss of performance.


Very Low Head Loss Means Energy Savings

Performance testing validated to NSF 50. Filter tanks are ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 stamped for your safety.

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