How is the AquaRevival® Filter System warranty superior to other manufacturer's regenerative media filter warranty?

We have a standard 15 year warranty on our stainless steel tank versus the standard 10 year warranty our competition puts on their filter tank.

Is there any problem with Stainless Steel in an aquatic environment?

First of all, no.

Second of all, poorly constructed filters don't carry ASME Section VIII Code stamps. Every AquaRevival® filter is ASME code stamped as standard practice. Our competition cannot say that. Properly welded 304L stainless steel will outlast a urethane coated carbon steel filter, but is more expensive to manufacture. Sales folks used to try to scare people by suggesting stainless steel tanks would fail by stress corrosion cracking, which is funny, because at the same time they were selling stainless steel UV housings with a sister brand and making no such claims. It was just a matter of profitability. It still is.

Where are we operating?

We (and our supplier partners) have factories in Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and elsewhere in the U.S.A. We are selling and servicing filters globally through high quality partnerships.

How are filters shipped?

Vertically, with ShockWatch® and TiltWatch® indicators adhered to the unit to protect our customers and facilitate freight claims should any in-transit damage occur. We never have to tip our filters over in transit. That will reduce your risk with standing them upright from horizontal in a pump room.

Do you supply anything besides the filter?

We supply a host of other items to make your installation stress-free. In fact, we are the only manufacturer that supplies (4) sight glasses per filter, along with valves, air compressor, media vacuum, fittings, etc all packaged in a fully enclosed heavy-duty wooden crate.

What is the payback period on AquaRevival filters?

Depending upon the location, the payback period could be before the filter is even installed. How is that possible you ask? Our patented filters are significantly smaller than our competition, which translates into a lower height pump room for new builds, and fit through the doors on retrofits. Our filters use so little water for backwashing (essentially 2x filter sump capacity per month) that the sewer permit can be substantially downsized, in some cases over a million gallons per year compared to comparably sized sand-bed filtration systems. Add to that the BTU savings on backwashing heated water, along with the associated loss of chemicals -- the AquaRevival® filter system is a solid investment for your business.

How did you further improve customer safety with the AquaRevival® design?

Instead of using a "bump tire" that is, in of itself, an unguarded moving object in the pump room, which, could injure a worker, or rupture if inadvertently contacted by workers tools, or leak into the filter housing itself, we designed in an intrinsically safe revival mechanism. The compressed air cylinder cannot leak into the filter housing, and has no exposed moving parts to which customer personnel could come into contact. This design is inherently safe, and engineered for your safety.